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Saturday, 16 June 2018

About Intel Me Region

Personnel Involved in Laptop & Desktop Motherboard Chip Level Service Engineering Know BIOS Based  Problem of Both Desktop and Laptop are Very Common in Recent Times. Often The Laptop Opens Even When The BIOS is Corrupt or Damaged, But The Display doesn't Function Even at Times The Power doesn't Turns On. For Solved BIOS Based Problems, BIOS Dump File is Required which can be Available From The Concerned Working Laptop or From The Website of It's Type. Recent Product of 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation INTEL And AMD Laptop's BIOS Dump File are Not Available Websites. Even Available Ones are not Complete Version or Updates Incompleted and Ether Bigger or Smaller Then Necessary. And if Retained From Working Laptop, It is sometimes not Possible to Solved The BIOS Problem Due to PCH ID Not Match.


Most of Us May Not Have Ideas About BIOS Related INTEL ME REGION Problem, Only 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation INTEL Laptop Suffers The Corruption or Damage of INTEL ME Region in BIOS. In AMD Platform Laptop's don't Have This Problem.


When First Laptop Booted With New Clean ME Region, BIOS Clean ME Region Get All Information From That Motherboard PCH And All PCH Informations Are Stored In BIOS ME Region. So When You Copy This Dump And Use it Even Same Model Laptop, It May Not Work Cause ME Information Do Not Match With New PCH. That’s Why We Needs To Clean ME Region Means Needs To Remove Former PCH Information From Old ME Regions. So Replace New PCH In Same Motherboard, BIOS ME Region Will Not Work With New PCH.
So Here We Can Say Old ME Region Is Not Corrupted Casuse It still Works With Old First Booted PCH But It May Not Work Perfectly With New PCH. BIOS ME Region Also May Corrupted In Various Way