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Sunday, 17 June 2018

ME Region Problem

Faults That Occur In ME Region Problem:

These are the faults and signs that occur in ME Region problem.

1- When you turn on the laptop at first attempt, the laptop will turn on but the display will not      come. At the same time turn your laptop off by pressing the power button. Try the second      attempt and turn your laptop on, it will show the display now.

2- In the second situation, you will try several attempts to turn your laptop on, but it will not        show any display. In the meantime, it shows out the display at your any try and your              laptop along with Windows starts running perfectly. But, when you shut it down and starts     again, it creates the same problem of not showing the display.

3- Some time fan run at full speed and PCH heats up, whether the display come or not but        your laptop turn of within 15 sec to 5 min.

4- When you press the power button, the display comes after 20-60 seconds.

5- In some cases, CPU temperature is always set at 100%.

6- One of the faults is that laptop runs for 30 seconds, 30 minute or 1 hour and sometimes        automatically shut down or restart.

7- Sometimes there is Windows OS loading problem.